Mega Waat Solar & Co. is one of the fastest growing renewable energy company in India. We undertake turn key installations, Job work , AMC , Execution of renewable energy plants and projects. We have supplied and installed Solar Water Heating systems in various educations institutes , Hotels, Commercial projects and domestic users.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source. It can be harnessed in all

Diverse Applications

Solar energy can be used for diverse purposes. You can generate electricity

Solar is carbon-free

Solar energy systems don’t require a lot of maintenance. You only need

Our Product


Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC)

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 Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) based Solar Water Heaters the solar radiation is absorbed by Flat Plate Collectors which consist of an insulated outer metallic box covered on the top with glass sheet. Inside there are blackened metallic

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OFF Grid

Off-grid solar energy systems convert sunlight into electricity without connecting to local utility grids. They are ideal for areas without public grid access. Off-grid solar energy systems include storage solutions such as batteries that al

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ON Grid

 Our offered Solar On Grid System

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Integrated street Lights

 Integrated Solar LED Street Lights are becoming very popular in India to illuminate the streets due to its compact design and integrated features. 

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LED Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are raised light sources which are powered by photovoltaic panels generally mounted on the

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Solar system with water pumps converts your grid operated pump into solar operated pump which provide high and reliable output meanwhile:

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The solar water pumping system is capable of running all types of electrical water pumps with applications varying from irrigation can also be coupled with drip irrigation syst

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Roof Top

G.T. Structure

OFF Grid Invertor

For reasons of quality maintenance, the offered is OFF Grid Invertor manufactured in accordance with the set industr

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ON Grid Invertor

Details:Can be made available with different rated outputsModular builtSystem des

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Tubler Battery

Solar batteries are used to store solar energy (solar electricity). Solar Battery discharge power as and when needed.

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MS Tank

A hot water storage tank is a water tank used for storing hot water for space heating.These tanks are used in various industrial applications. In order to maintain the quality and reliability of these tanks.

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SS Tank

This is used in both residential and commercial places for storing water.

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Auto Control Panel

Electrical control panels are used to control every piece of equipment in every industry.Electrical Control Panel:Safety Rating

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Heat Exchange Tank

Features of Heat Exchanger Tank:handles multiple input sources- gas or electric boiler, heat pump, solar p

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